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Please Dont Judge Me or make Assumptions Because the Last 1000 Boys you talked to failed to excite you.
Music: Acid Jazz, Break Beats, Dance hall, Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Jungle, Trance. etc etc. As long as it Has some lyrics that touch the heart and does not sound like What the Fuck.
TV: Turn Your T.V. Off!
Books: The unwanted Sound of Everything We Want, Dude Wheres My Country? Chakra Crystals, Every Scroll Dr York has Written, Great one liners. etc etc
Sports: Soccer, Futbol, Football, Basketball, MMA, Boxing, Figure skating lmao!
Interests: I'm interested in Building A network Of beautiful People and Becoming Successful with them.
Movies: Love and Basketball, Do the Right Thing, Jason Bourne 1 2 and 3, Aw man the list goes on forever and ever.
BestFeatures: My Eyes and Lips because i look into you and not @ you and then i follow that up with golden words u want to attach to.
Dreams: To Meet A Girl who is Just As beautiful on the inside as she is out.

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