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I am a stable remnant of the counter-culture; therefore, people might consider me to be a pragmatist. In addition to people's decisions being influenced by consequences of belief, I believe that a person's character is largely determined by how well a person can adapt. These skills in adaptation are a good way to establish common ground. Yes, I have a credential from a college beyond high school; however, I view an entrepreneurship as a brilliant idea unless the salaries are more regulated.

What I am looking for

Concerning my match, my matches should be Anal women between the ages of 40 years and 70 years. Yes, I like a woman who receives anal sex , and I like to penetrate her. This means that I am not into being penetrated, but I like women who receive a variety of fetishism. Furthermore, I am actually looking for a girlfriend who has a wild side, and I am not really looking for an escort or a married woman ( no offense ). Please feel free to reply if you are a matchable woman who is free of disease. We can leave the nastier details for our real date-"skin on skin" and in person.
Concerning threesomes, I would consider doing sexual positions with two, consensual women; however, "two women with one guy" is the limit of my viewpoint on the topic.
What a topic ! lol:)
Concerning a relationship's goal, I am not beyond a relationship if the woman is compatible, and exoticism is not intended to repel women.Relationships, whether spontaneous or planned,often go through the initial "phases" of inquiry, clarification, inclusion, and intimacy. During these phases, many people will usually share common pursuits as they begin to trust each other. However, this is also an adult site where it is equally appropriate to be somewhat direct or "to the point."