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im real cool n funny i love to keep ppl around me smiling or happy n i like having a real good time..
HighSchool: Passaic High School
Music: i like any music i cud understand and set the mood to... i love R&b..
TV: fresh prince, martin,animal planet, and anything funny no reality shows..
Sports: LA lakers, Phila. Eagles
Interests: im interested in a good fukn time i jus like having fun n workn hard.. lol i hope im not being to broad then again i rather attract the broad type..
Movies: i have no favorite movie as long as it funny or action in it im in it... denzel is my dude very good actor..
BestFeatures: my lips are good for suckn n my hair for pulln my body for scratchn n my eyes for for starring..(yes iam wen i wana b) lol
Dreams: i jus want everybody to enjoy life we all cud be stuck up n miserable we live one time so enjoy it..

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